FakeHub Originals Project At FakeScenarios.Com Tube

Fake Hub Originals – We Say Definitely!

There is nothing fake about fakehuboriginals.com! The first thing you notice when you get to fakehuboriginals.com, as if they have some of the most attractive women in porn, right there on the front page. You get full access to 8 different websites at fakehuboriginals.com, and the website layout could not be any easier to move around in. There are four main navigation tabs at the top that will carry you anywhere you want to go in the website.

What Does Originals Mean? 

Originals refers to the constantly added fresh content. They sell the apparel for their porn brand on their store page, and I’all tell you what, they are very busy company. They’ve got a crew out every day picking up girls for the videos. It’s no joke these guys are exactly “it” in the porn industry, and is going to come As your surprise to me if they are a favorite of many already.

  • Home – On the “home” tab you will find out information about the website, like what they are like, with links out to other sites, videos, and various parts of the website. You also see options to filter the videos with the newest ones first, or the most popular ones first right there on the front page.
  • Videos – On the “videos” tab, you will be able to filter by dates, likes, views, and titles. I always like the favorites one, because that always gives you to the best porn. The “new” one is quite helpful too, once you get used to being on the website, because you get all the freshest sex
  • Sites – he sides tab is the best one, because it shows you everything they’re going to offer, and whether pulling the videos from. This becomes particularly interesting after you find out that they have high-quality models in extremely good porn on this channel. Once you’re in the lunchtime, you’ll see all the sites that you have access to through the fake hub portal, with websites like Fake Taxi, Fake Agent, and Public Agent, just to name a few! (And they all look like classy Sites)
  • Girls – The girls have is where of course you have all of your models in alphabetical order. There are pages and pages of 10’s, berries, hard bodies, whatever you want to call them, For literally pages and pages of assorted new bodies.
  • Store – The store section will actually link out to another site called the Fake Taxi store, where you will find a cited official merchandise from fake taxi like hats, beanies, hoodies, car stickers, and T-shirts
  • Search Option – deserve something is great because naturally it allows you to search by whatever your preference is. Do you know, teen, big boobs, French kissing, whatever you like, what are you doing the keyword

Cons – They could use a category or tags option, then allows you to see all the different ways that you can filter it like standard porn sites.


Final Thoughts

Fake Hub Originals looks like something that I would be interested in getting a membership to. I mean tons and groves of fresh hotties, all peeled and deliciously exposed. The layout of the website is dark and simple, allowing excellent navigation and perfect contrast with all the nakedness sticking out everywhere. I had an amazing experience on this website and I’m considering it over Pornhub to be honest, not because Pornhub is a quality, because I’m tired of it and they’re old news. Fake Hub Originals is one of the classiest, sexiest, and well thought out porn sites I’ve been to in a while. They have hot taste in women, and are worth checking out!

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