The Most Important IT Consulting Firms in Germany

The whole of last year saw the best IT firms that offered consultancy perform well in Germany. The combined revenues of the companies grew by almost 3.5% closing with a cumulative total of €9.8 billion. The top companies in the country are way forward of the rest. They include T-Systems, Accenture, and IBM GBS, which are mainly involved in domain of consultancy in technology. These companies hold a market share of 40% of the best performing companies in Germany.

Lunendonk, an analyst firm whose origin is Germany, has provided the status of the information technology consulting sector focusing particularly on the top cream companies. The analysis focuses mainly on the labor force, profit, and revenue of some of the best players in the industry.

According to the analysis of Lunendonk and the data available, it is easy to understand that the joint revenue of the top 25 companies in IT was €9.8 billion. This amount translates to 25% of the services and advisory sectors in German information technology field. The top 25 companies employ a combined workforce of slightly above 52,000 which represents an increase by about 1,500. Of these employees, the top companies that absorbed the largest workforce were Accenture which had 5,850 employees and IBM Global Business Services which had absorbed 5,850 staffs. The revenue of the top 25 companies in Germany grew by a margin of 3.2%.

The top market firms have had some shift in terms of power. For instance, in the year 2013, the leader of the market share then was T-Systems. However, due to a decrease in the sales of the company, it slipped to the third position. The company that overthrew it from power was IBM GBS while Accenture rose to second position. Atos and Capgemini grabbed the fourth and fifth positions.

The rest spots at the helm of information consultancy firms in Germany remained relatively stable in the year 2013. This was evident since CSC, Allgeier, and Hewlett-Packard maintained the positions for the top 10 firms. A surprise inclusion in the top ten firms was Arvato Systems. The firm grew by a whopping 18% rate in growth making its revenue to reach €337 million. In spite of this big improvement, the revenue of Arvato Systems was less than 25% of the total revenue for IBM GBS.

From position 11 to 20, global firms based in Germany have performed well. Some of them are Tata Consultancy Services from India, CGI from Canada and NTT data from the United States of America.The company that can rate itself as the fastest growing consultancy firm in IT is Itelligence. This company has risen to position 15. A company that has been a newcomer in the ranking in the German market is reply Group displacing Seven principles from Cologne.

The overall performance of the top companies in IT is seen to have improved. The sales of more than 8 of the companies grew by more than 10%. SQS maintained its performance while six of the companies reduced their earnings.

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