Not IT Series: Another Way To Look At Driving School

Going to driving school is a fairly common experience for a lot of people. Not everyone is going to go as an adult. Some people will get it out of the way in the form of driver’s education in school. Other people will return to driving school later in life as a result of some sort of a problem with their own driving record. People who are marked as problem drivers will almost always have to return to driving school at some point. This already gives driving school a certain set of associations.

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Driving School In the Minds of Different Students

People who go to driving school when young might associate it with their sexual awakenings. They will learn how to drive around the same time that they learn about sex personally. Oddly enough, this means that years later, the two of these things can be linked in their minds. For the people who return to driving school after some violations, driving school has the air of punishment and dominance about it. A driving instructor under those circumstances can seem like a prison warden, a meter maid, or someone else who has been a major player in a lot of different sexual fantasies over the years.

The independence associated with driving school in the early days and the confinement associated with driving school later on can have a way of creating a strangely perfect combination. People can simultaneously enjoy the dominance games associated with certain sexual fantasies and the liberation aspects associated with others. However, at the end of the day, these two sets of associations are actually very similar.

People partly like the idea of an older, dominant partner because the older, dominant partner is experienced and can help the younger and uncertain partner out of his or her shell. It’s easy to get that sort of association with driving school, which is why the idea of an erotic Fake Driving School works as well as it does. It’s also easy to think of driving school in a way that manages to recall a jail cell. Some people will get arrested for traffic violations and they’ll have to go back to driving school in order to get their records improved shortly afterwards. The driving instructor is dominant, but can still be a liberator under these circumstances. If people are ‘good,’ then they will be rewarded. A lot of the specific videos on the Fake Driving School website revolve around this theme.

A Hot Fake Driving School

The fact that this is a subject that can make people feel hot in so many ways should really say a lot about how people tend to think. People are wired to think in terms of emotional associations more than anything else. Driving schools have a way of seeming really erotic in some ways because of their connection to independence, liberation, and the dominance and power of the teachers. It’s a combination that can really make a huge difference for people today.

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