Popular automotive Software Companies in Germany

Are you looking for the software companies that are providing the best services in Germany for automotive software development?Well, you don’t have to search more because we will help you to know enough about the top automotive software companies and why they are best at their services. We will brief you a little about the automotive software companies in Germany. It will be really helpful for you to decide that which company will complete your job in the best possible way or in other words which company will get your job done in your desired way.

Let’s have a look some companies:

SCHWARZ Computer SystemeGmbh

SCHWARZ Computer SystemeGmbh is among the best companies in Germany that are providing the best software solutions in automotive industry. This company was established back in 1989.

Today, they have almost 50 employees in their staff and annual turnover of this company ranges from 6 million euro to 7 million euro. This company has a strong profile and reputation in Germany.
This company is divided into three major departments:

  1. IT-Systems

This department deals with the phases like planning, projecting, security systems, communications services, realization of network and solutions for industry.

  1. Distribution

This department is responsible for the commercial development of products and their solution in European areas.

  1. E-Business

This department deals with the internet services, hardware, multiuser, network solutions etc.

Luxoft Germany

Luxoft Germany is a company that is located in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany. This company is providing the best possible services in automotive department and other departments as well. This company is providing services like Digital cockpit, Navigation and ADAS, Embedded software solutions, Diagnostics & advanced software development and verification. Services offered by this company are quite good and impressive to attract more clients. They are not only offering their services in automotive industry but in other industries too. They offer their services in sectors like agriculture, retail, travel, energy, healthcare, media, technology etc.


Beta Systems group is one of the largest IT groups in Germany. It is located Berlin, Germany. This company is well known for their vast services in almost every sector. Beta Systems was founded back in 1983 and till now they have over 1300 customers in more than 30 countries around the world. They have more than 300 employees working for them at the moment. They have 4 development sites in Germany. Annual turnover of this company in 2016 is almost 46 million euro.
Bet Systems is known as the largest group in Germany and they are providing services to automotive industry and other sectors.


We have enlisted 3 best automotive software development companies of Germany. These 3 companies are well known IT groups in Germany and have impressive profile in country. You can choose any of the above companies to get your job done in the best possible way. You will not be disappointed with the services of these companies. Still, it is difficult to choose only one company but none of these companies will disappoint you.

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