Top App Development Companies in Germany

Do you have the potential to develop the next idea in development of applications? Do you live in or near Germany? I introduce to some of the most pioneering companies based in Germany where you can get utmost support that you require as you create the app in your mind.

9 elements

This is a company that crafts digital services and products. In combining concept and strategy, 9 elements use a blend of fine craftsmanship in technical aspects to design and ship innovative experiences of design. The company has a track record of making mobile applications and web services for their clientele. You will get technical and expertise advice as you develop the app in your innovative mind. Some of the clients of the company include Microsoft, Moritz Fiege Brewey, IBM, and Redbull. The company has been in existence for over 15 years.


The company creates software that you can use in a pleasant manner. You should not compromise emergence and functionality since this app development company will offer you both. Alstertouch has been in the app development field for over 6 years. It has various clients such as Fuse, Medifox, Cellular, and Dreamworks.


This is a company that is committed to ensure that concepts become reality through the use of incalculable insights in technology. They love new ideas since they suffuse them with the work of their partners through the use of concepts and topics in an innovative manner. The clients of the company are known across the globe. Some of them are Universal Music, Red Bull, C&A, BMW Group, Sony, Adidas, and Montblanc. You can rely on them since they have an experience that goes over 5 years.

AppInventiv Technologies

This company does not just commit on any client so as to develop apps for them. The management is committed to developing the best and outstanding apps for their best clients. This has made it possible for them to achieve more of their goals within a short period. They approach their work based on the end-time results. They make their apps in a unique manner and innovativeness and this has made it possible for them to deliver ultramodern solutions to their clients. Having been in the business of developing apps for more than 3 years, the company has top cream clients such as Loc8Deal, Let’s Connect, and WalkFit.

Ascendro Technologies

Do you an idea that burns like passion in you? Is it worth the investment of more time? Contact Ascendro Technologies so that they can infuse their skills of programming so that your idea may see the light of day. It does not matter if your idea is a mobile app or a web app. They will strengthen it and give you the exclusive rights of marketing it under your name. No rights of patenting will you lose. If the company believes in your business idea, then it will see tomorrow. Your concept will see the market once you present it to them. Some of their clients are Igigi, Merkur Media, Samsung, and Modernizing Medicine having been in the field for over 5 years.

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